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Standard in all rooms are:
  • internet for DSL and flatrate in all rooms,
    LAN on balcony and in garden
  • radio alarm clock
  • cable TV
  • Directdial telephone (cordless to 400 m)
  • House telephone (cordless to 400 m)
  • Adjustable desk with twin level halogen lamp
  • Hairdryers
»» 1 Double bedroom with shower, toilet and balcony
»» 2 single bedrooms with separate shower and toilet
»» 2 single bedrooms shared shower/toilet/terrace etc.

The rooms are furnished with functional pieces of our own design and manufacture. Enjoy reading or watching TV in our cane armchairs. Height adjustable desks are equipped with halogen lamps and internet.

The cooling in summer and waming in winter has it´s source in the earth directly beneath us. All rooms are furnished in an airy, modern style.

We have created an ideal microclimate in each room, using ceiling- and floor-heating or cooling, filtered, pollen-free fresh air circulation, soundproofing inside and out, and seperate ventilation in the toilets.

We have given hygiene highest priority and have gone to the greatest lengths to keep each room dust and pollen-free. Our bed-and-breakfast is ideal for asthmatics and people suffering from allergies.

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