Rooms  ««  Single bedrooms with separate shower/toilet

Rooms 1 & 4 are single bedrooms with separate shower and toilet.
Room 1 has 16 m² and Room 4 has 19 m².

Both are furnished with business clients in mind, with adjustable desk lamp and large mirror.

The high quality mattrasses are medium to firm, and there is ample closet space for hanging clothes and storage.

The large windows are specialy sound-proofed so that sleep is possible any time of day or night.

This room has extra - large mirror and window, banking the shower, and is completed by a generous hand basin and the toilet with seperate ventilation.

Each toilet is equipped with it´s own ventilation system. The rooms have floor heating/cooling according to season. Fresh, pollen-free air is introduced in an imperceptable stream. (For more in-depth, click here)

Room 1 is on ground level and particularly quiet, as the garden is protected by a sound-proof wall.

Room 4, on the first floor, has a larger bathroom with heated towel rail and generous mirror.

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