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The Pils Brothers bought House 28 in the historic Mühlbruchsiedlung in 1996. This housing complex dates from 1861 and was built by the Frankfurt Community Building CO (then 1 year old) to plans by Professor Simon.

The semidetached houses are of clear - cut, late classical design. After being flattened by bombs in WW II, the housing complex was rebuilt in 1950 by Herr Laroch. The Pils brothers undertook a complete restoration in close communication with the Dept. of Historical Buildings.

The work began in 1997 and continued for the next 5 years, ranging from new foundations and integration of underground energy system to new roofing with solar panels. Emphasis was placed on producing a low-energy building, with geothermal energy given precedence.

Our goal as a bed and breakfast was to promote and publicise the use of geothermal energy and it´s advantages as a source of warmth, cooling and electricity, over conventional energy sources such as nuclear power, oil or gas.

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